It appears I didn’t actually finish my last post. I got distracted by not going someplace and totally lost the thread. That happens, sometimes.

I left off at not buying an iMac and admitting that my excuse is now that I’m waiting to see what Apple announces later this year with the Mac Pro and, a remote possibility, something about new Minis.

Rather than explain everything, let me, instead, walk you through a typical purchase decision. Let’s say it’s for a new Widget and it costs $500.

The first thing to do is say, “Gosh! That new Widget is really fucking awesome! Boy, what I couldn’t do with one of those!” Then I start investigating into it more and read other impressions of the Widget.

“Let’s see,” I say to myself. “Seven thousand people think the Widget is really awesome. Six people think it’s garbage. Those six people must know something…” I trail off in my mind.

But I still kind of want that Widget. So I start talking about it at work. Constantly. “Hey! Did you see that new Widget? Is it the bee’s knees, or what?” I say. And my co-workers gently, but firmly, leave. Because they’ve been through this before, where I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about buying something and then I never do. They’re married with kids and houses. They’re lucky if they can get away with buying a candy bar at the grocery store check out line. I have no wife, no girlfriend, no kids, and nothing that really costs me a lot so they wonder why I’m not walking around with gold teeth, hair extensions and driving a really nice car. So all this kind of annoys them.

For the record, I have a nice car. I love my car. My car is my penis extension. And nobody wants to see that either.

So, after everyone walks away I bring up my spreadsheet. Because I have a spreadsheet. It contains all the money that comes in and all the money that goes out. It’s got calculations, forecasts, graphs, running totals and Year To Date totals. And I stare at it. I stare at it wondering how that $500 will affect me in the coming months.

It won’t. Not a bit. Then I start thinking, “But what if I need that $500? What if there’s an emergency? What if I get fired tomorrow? What if…” I think of all the things that could possibly go wrong that will cost me so much that whatever $500 I spend will impact me so horribly that I’d rather kill myself than buy a Widget.

Eventually I get over it. I realize that it won’t affect my finances too much if I spend $500 once. Then I remember that I had to get the car fixed (the other one, not the good one that I love so much) one month and that cost way more than $500 and, look, here I was with another $500 to spend. Or Christmas presents for family that doesn’t care about me. Or this that and the other thing that cost about that much, if not more. So, yeah, I could spend it.

But do I really need it? No, I do not. I have a lot of other things that do the same job as a Widget. This is strictly a luxury Widget. Just something that would make me happy.

Make. Me. Happy.

Do I deserve to be happy? Maybe I don’t. Maybe I’m afraid to be happy? That’s kind of a weird thought.

Anyway, once I get to the happy part that’s when I finally decide to not buy whatever Widget is looking interesting.

Besides all this you may be wondering why I want an iMac at all. It’s mostly for the 5K screen. At the time, I was taking a lot of pictures and it would have been infinitely spiffy to be editing those photos on a giant 5K screen. These days, though, I don’t take a lot of pictures so it makes even less sense to get one.

Instead, maybe I’ll concentrate on not upgrading my Windows computer.




Due to the way my life was going a few years ago, I find that I have peculiar habits today. Back then I was always short of money (for a variety of reasons that had nothing to do with how I manage money but I won’t get into those reasons right now). After my life got worse, it got better.

I still remember the first time I went to the grocery store without checking to see if I had money in my bank account. It was a such a monumental feeling that I nearly cried walking to the car. It may not sound all that exciting but before then I had to check, make sure of how much was in there, what was due to come out, and then spend frugally, keeping track of my total down to the penny.

One might think that I went on a wild spending spree at that point, buying up stuff that I wanted and putting myself back into a hole. But, no, that’s not what happened. Instead, I ended up keeping most of the same habits.

You see, I can spend a lot of money if it’s on something I need. New tires for the car? No problem. Groceries? Also not a problem. Usually. Sometimes I’ll think I’m being a little too ‘gourmet’ and start putting things back that I don’t really need.

That’s where it all falls down, see. I have to need it. If it’s something I don’t need, but want then it’s a whole thing. For instance, four years ago I decided to get an iMac. I didn’t need one, I just wanted one. I had the money. I could have bought several. I started looking at the Apple website and figuring out which one I wanted and how much I was willing to spend. Then I waited because Apple might have introduced new ones or done some upgrades. Then I waited to see if some place would have a sale. Then I waited because it was nearly time for Apple to announce news models. Then I looked at the website again to look at prices.

I still don’t have an iMac. I still want one, but now I want the iMac Pro because it’s the most powerful one they have. There’s no way I’m spending $5,000 on a computer, though. So now I’m waiting to see what the new Mac Pro is about. Which I won’t get, either, because it will also be expensive, just like the last one was.

And that’s just how it is. I want an iPad, but I won’t get one. My mom wants an iPad and she’ll be getting one for her birthday. That I can do.

That’s why it’s a shame that there’s not a woman who wants to date me. I’d be all about going on trips and dinners and doing things and whatever. I won’t do them for me (if it’s just me), but it would make me happy to do things for someone else if it would make them happy.

On another note: I disappointed myself today. I was going to go on a drive, take pictures, pick up some bagels and, generally, do stuff. I even got up early to do it. Then I decided I didn’t feel like it. Then I went out grocery shopping at 10am and saw that it was 93F already. So… probably a good thing I didn’t go. It would have been a six hour trip, all told.