I bought a new keyboard. So now I feel like I want to write something to use this spiffy new keyboard.

But I don’t know what to write about. I thought about writing about technology and stuff, but who wants to read about that?

I’ve actually bought a lot of new things lately. It’s all part of my plan to get rid of a lot of things and clean out my space and minimize. In retrospect, I can see how buying a lot of new things doesn’t really fit in with minimizing. Unless I get rid of my old stuff. Which I’m working on. I promise.

For instance, since I’m all alone there’s no sense having a flatware service for six. So I bought a set for one. Now, I just have to get rid of my old flatware and I’ll be minimized. See? And then hope I don’t need an extra spoon for something.

Because even though I have a service for six, there’s a lot of things missing. For instance, I only have two of the big spoons. I don’t know what happened to the other four. They’re probably around somewhere, but where? Under the couch? Why would they be there? I don’t know.

So I have a bunch of junk and mismatched things that I really want to get rid of. I don’t have time, though. Me. A person who has nothing going on in life besides working has no time to organize and minimize. Isn’t that sad? Thank you for understanding.

I like writing. Part of writing is having tools that make you feel like writing. So I buy keyboards. Nice, mechanical, keyboards that make clacky noises when I type and makes me feel like I’m doing something productive. I also like pens. And paper. But I do most writing on the computer so a keyboard it is!

Not bad for someone who’s not a writer.

I use Windows and… What’s it called now? MacOS? macOS? Whatever. I prefer to use the Apple when writing. I don’t know why, I just do. Mostly I use Windows for watching media and playing games. For the gritty act of writing, though, it’s macOS all the way. That’s the reason why I want a 5K iMac. Well, that and the photography. Which I also don’t do anymore.

Hmmm. I need to re-consider some life choices.



The time I did nothing

Ever have one of those days? A day when you don’t feel like doing anything? I mean, nothing. At all. I’m having one of those days. Right now.

I don’t feel like playing games. I don’t feel like reading. There’s nothing I particularly want to watch. I don’t feel like going anywhere. I don’t feel like napping. I sure as hell don’t feel like doing the dishes or the laundry. I don’t, it may surprise you, feel like writing.

I could, literally (the real ‘literally’, not the ironic ‘literally’), sit here and do absolutely nothing. Nothing. Stare at the wall not moving, nothing.

Tomorrow I’d feel bad about it. Monday I’d feel even worse. I’d sit there at work thinking, “Man, I had all day Saturday to move those boxes into the closet. To disconnect the unused computer equipment and move it out of the way. I could have played games all day. I wish I could do any of that right now.”

But right now, nah, I don’t feel like doing it. Any of it. I sure don’t want to feel bad Monday, though.

So I’ll do my laundry. Not so much for me, but for the people I have to be around. If I worked from home I’d just not do it and sit around working in my underwear. Or nothing. Maybe just socks. I don’t work from home, though, so that means wearing clothes. What a fascist society we live in. But, again, it’s not for me so much as the people I have to be around.

I should write about something, though. If I’m going to go through the trouble of typing something. Let me look around. Nope, that’s not helping. All I see is crap.

I think the problem is that I didn’t get much sleep last night. I think, and this is going to sound a little sad, but I think I was so excited about getting an external SSD for my Mac that I just couldn’t sleep. It’s very small, thankfully; it could probably fit in a cigarette pack. It’s thin, so maybe two would fit.

But I’m tired right now. I don’t want to take a nap because if I sleep for an hour I probably won’t get to sleep later tonight. That’s how I am.

Anyway, while I was looking around for something to write about, I disconnected to NAS devices I’m not using anymore. Also, an external USB hard drive got moved so I could see what was on it (a 3 TeraByte drive that’s empty), and a monitor finally got socked away.

I work in the computer field but I’m sure I have more computer equipment than anyone I know. A lot of it is hard drives. So much so, that I built my own NAS and stocked it full of drives for the sole purpose of getting rid of the other two I just put in the closet.

Hopefully my electric bill will go down a bit. On the plus side, my big ugly shelf is now almost empty on top. I just need to do something with the wireless router and Ethernet switch.

Seriously. I could put a small business to shame with the junk I have here.

Maybe that’s why an iMac is so desirable to me? The idea of having one desk, with one computer on it, that’s barely noticable but for the monitor. Not this multi-computer, dual keyboard, dual mouse, three monitor extravaganza I have going on now.

One computer.


The mind wobbles.

What a shame, then, that I’m already planning on buying a new Wi-Fi router because I finally have a device that uses 802.11ac. And a 10GB switch because there’s a couple now below $13,000.00. That, of course, means buying two new 10GB network cards. Yes. Two. Seems kind of a waste for two computers, but, being single with no kids, I can afford to splurge. If I had friends I would buy LED flashing Ethernet cables just for the ‘Wow!’ Factor. “You actually paid money for these? Wow!”

I also want an iPad. I know not why. And to upgrade my computer to the new AMD Threadripper.

I know, I know, you don’t care about computer shit. I don’t blame you. I don’t either, except it’s all I got. If it wasn’t computers, I’d be buying high-end stereo equipment and insisting that “You really can tell the difference if you listen hard enough!” Or cars. I’d be spending thousand of dollars on… I don’t know. Cat back exhaust? Headers? Tail pipe tips?

I could probably make me and people who know me.a lot happier if I just spent it on hookers. Or, maybe, a plane ticket to Russia to meet some of those single ladies that want to come over to the US.

But I would hate to bring a smart, educated, beautiful woman thousands of miles across the ocean just so she could look at my networking equipment and say, “That’s it?”

That happens, right?